Dreaming Of Chanel

 colorbox cardigan, picnic dress , bellagio flats , topshop necklace.

First of all , hello guys ! It has been like 32124904 years i havent posted anything here. Its because i had fifth semester exams in the past few weeks , after that i still busy with my assignments .But finally , at Friday i already had my report card on my hand *I am so relief by the way*.
Finally Holidaaaaay ! Have you guys planning to go somewhere or to do something in this precious holiday ? Me , i am not planning to go anywhere :-) i am happier stay in town right now.but , i already prepared "things to do" in my holiday , one of them is taking many outfit photos since after this holiday i will get busier :-(.By the way , talking about my title "Dreaming Of Channel" is the title of a book that inspired me a lot these days,This is the book where you can find all of the most popular vintage clothes with its own story . For all of you who love vintage clothes , you better buy it now!For my outfit here in my post , i put my pastel school uniform dress from picnic, i choose chic style as always.hihihi.

I think thats all from me , happy holiday everyone .By the way....

 Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

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p.s i will surprise you in my next post , with my diffferent look  .:-P


DIY-flower crown  , Unbranded cardigan , unbranded top , forever 21 neckale ,forever 21 skirt , next pump shoes.

"If i could become the person who can wipe your tears on a tiring day , it will be a paradise."angel-exo.
Long time no see everyone , ah i am so sorry for the late update . lately i have been so busy and also lazy ....... not because blogging isnt interisting anymore but now i am a huge fan of exo ( boyband from southkorea ) and at weekend i always spend my time for browsing info about them .well it is because exo is not an ordinary boyband , they are concepted ,young and all good looking . For all of you who havent know about that , try searching on youtube and watch their videos . Ah , also next week i will have lot of exams , wish me luck everyone !Happy weekend guys , have a nice day !

Guess ?

*This is so embrassing i didnt wear my socks here but i upload it anyway because i think its a good shot*

This afternoon i took a short photoshoot by myself *as always* because i miss blogging too much , it is so bad i cant post once a week like i promised you :-( .I  have a busy week everyweek like i always tell you , but fortunately i get used to it now.
By the way my outfit in this post is a bit different with my recent posts , In this post i took the basic colors like black and white not like my recent outfits (pastel).I put my aunt's vintage jacket mix with my new baby ,my black satchel black.
Ah and of course you know what makes it so difference than my last posts . Hahaha , anyone can guess ... is it real or not ?:-)

The other side of me

LM Top // Unbranded Flower trouser // Adorable project gold shimmer wedges// Levis wrist watch

For the first of all , i truly sorry for the last update in my blog .I am not blaming my schedule because it is not because of them , it is truly me  with my laziness habit . My real life was so enjoyable and i planned to enjoy that .Recently, i always post in Sunday ...But now , why i post in wednesday ? Well, wednesday is the second lovely day after week days :-) Its the only day , when i dont have any course or schoolstuff . Yippie kayye ! 
About the outfit , i put my simply feminine touch here . Well , i always come up with skirt  or dress ..... but i do wear trouser too (well of course with the feminine touch) like in this post ! About the color , pastel is my choosen one recently and untill now i never get bored of them, well i think pastel stuffs are timeless and elegant , they show the elegancy with their soft side .Thats all from me , have a nice day everyone ! 

p.s for the lovely comment that tells me about changing the size of my photos , unfortunately because of my blog layout ..i cant make my picture bigger . but i will repair it soon ! Thank you for the comment :-)



Petite cupcakes (the goods dept) dress // Next platforms // bling ear rings and necklace

Hallo everyone , how's your week ? Well it seems like i always meet all of you by my post in the end of the week . Well yeah because of my schedule , i post once a week ! :-). Anyway , have you seen my title in this post ?  Dazzling ..... Well im not that narcisst to say that im a dazzling girl , but dazzling girl is the new song of Shinee (Well ,i love shinee and extremely for Choi Minho) .The music video will come up soon and ofcourse i------ canntwait !!!!!

By the way , about my outfit... i pick my soft tone autumn dress as its going to rain here and autumn there , well i try my hard to make me look older than before at this post -___- well everyone told me to wear something more mature sometimes . So here i am :-) .So sorry for the resolution *again* and also the background *its boring i know that*.

Well, thats all from me ,have a nice day everyone !

Rain please just come faster

Zara white top // Cherrychan Dress // White lace topshop socks // Brown wedges minimal

Hi guys , how are you doing ?Me? im doing great and also tired , ive told you that im in my senior year right ?I have so many tasks,test and courses to do thats why i rarely post something here. By the way , have you feel that the weather nowadays is a little bit hot ? I dont know is it because of the global warming or it may be because its gonna be a rainy season .Yeaaaay !although when i was a little girl i hate rainy season (just because i cant swim when rain begin ) but now i am a little bit missing the smell of the rain and the feeling when im cuddling inside the blanket .Now im dressing up like its about to rain , i wear everything nice and just wait until the rain come then pouring me. *so sorry for the bad resolution photos guys*
Have a nice day everyone ! :)

At least i try ....

 Studedd Hair stuff and baroque print dress from Beau-shop // Cardigan Thrift //  Bag Dorothy Perkins // Wedges LM Hardware

Well , so many readers of my blog couldnt believe that im 17 years old , well sadly i am  and i am going to finish my high school ! Then , i get busier these days and i will get busier later by school stuff . I take so many clasess this year , like science clasess and toefl class .But i have a lot of fun by the way since i love science !!!just give me a lot of luck guys for all this things :) 
At this post , i've come up dark vintage again (i've planned to be a goth but failed), I bought the dress from my favourite online shop .. go check their page guys ! :D
 .Enjoy your weekend everyone , spend your day with you loved ones ! see you at the next post ! 
p.s let me know , if you have a trusted that sell a floral dr.martens boots :*

Forever and Always

"I was there when you said forever and always"

 Forever 21 TOP
On the rock short
Thrift creepers
Aigner bag
my sweet little thing and also my mood booster.

Forever and always , a song by taylor swift that played so well on piano version .I hate to say that i cry a lot these days , i play mellow songs and start singing like a fool.
i bet im just having a really bad days and i am going to be back like i was before as soon as possible .
enjoy your day everyone ,
cheers .


What i wear:
DIY floral hair crown
Korean special design collar top
Thrift skirt
Bellagio shoes

Roses , how i always fall for the petals and get hurt by the thorns .Thats exactly how i feel to love too.Sometimes we could get hapiness and sadness at the same time .But im cheering up , life is a roller coaster .. we are up for a moment and go down at the time when we dont know .


I know its waaaaay tooo late , but Happy ied Everyone !
Im going to school today , wish me a lot of luck !Marathon test is happening this week .
see you at the next post everyone !

A dream of a child

unbranded flowery hairband // thrift vintage dress // mayonette  bag // TLTSN oxford heels

Being a teenage girl sometime makes me too tired.They always say to me, to stop act like a child and then stop wearing something that woman used to wear.Free never pops in my head anymore since that time, But when i think one more time .... i have ever had a free time , no problem ..no haters ...no broken heart..... no lies ..Just me with my little teddy and mommy daddy enjoying every single daywith love and laughs .I cant handle myself anymore to not wear my little girl outfit and my teddy in this post . sometimes wearing little girl outfit succesfully bring me back into chilhood life and turn my bad day into a very very good and lovely day ....................I couldnt ask anymore to god for bringing every happiness in my childhood back to me again..................Back again when i remember what i dream of when i was a child ,i laugh .. The only thing i dream of when i was a child is having my true love someday and build me a big and beautiful castle with a beautiful garden too there .And then ...back again when i remember my teenage life that far from that ..... feeling a little bit sucked and sad .Why couldnt i make my child's dream come true , by the way ?

By the way happy independence day Indonesia , me ...... Always proud of you !