6 days to ied .!!

with Blaster (XI science 3)

with zelda (X-2)
I am so excited for ied ....By the way my fasting month is better than last year .i can control my emotion better this year and of course better than last year someone is accompanying me in this month .thankyouwww :3
and i have some fastbreaking with my classmates , at monday i had it with my X grade friends then yesterday i had it with my new classmates . Thanks for Zelda and Blaster You rock guysss !!

a teddy and a bucket of roses

if you want give me a surprise , go buy a doll and a bucket of either white or pink roses.

orange juice

okay , i hate the resolution that blogger uploaded to my blog -_- it supposed to be a good photos !!!!Well its actually my new black dress x) i bought it online with that orange cardigan x) . what i love from this mini black dress is actually because of the heart cropped .but you cant see because the angle of my photos .
hmm , and the bag is my mother's. its aigner , hmm its not a new edition ...my mom bough that about 3 years ago and my mom bought that not in a new collection list .but still , i love this ! Aigner , you've got my heart !

This little blue denim

huphuphup , last time i bought this mini blue denim dress, which is very cute and so perfect for your spring .But,unfortunately this dress is way too small and the size is really weird as you can see the chest length is not appropriate like a normal dress.But it still cute for me <3

i am a lazy blogger

hello pals, okay i might say that im a lazy blogger . Since , the school has started and i must do all the task , remembering that now im on 11th grade .-_- So i havent took any photos yet for my fashion blog . Well , recently i already changed my relationshiop into a new one ...but it seems like .........*nevermind* well . so many things that i wanna spread to you ......but remembering that this blog isnt safe enough to spread this happy news .0:)