Welcome september !

Luna Maya'sdress
After all these days, i decide to wear an shocking orange vintage dress that i bought in luna maya's shop .its cute right ?and girly of course . So lucky to have this dress and match with my body of course x) its 60's i think and its for September . Welcome september !

Im daddy's and mommy's little daughter

Mommy and daddy i proud to be your the only one daughter , i love them too much . And i always think that i never wanna leave them and wanna stay with them till im married but well let see how it goes ..
Mommy daddy , i never tell you how much i love you . but , trust me my love for both of you is countless .....:)
i love you mommy daddy :) i always do

My midi-midi pale skirt

unbranded t-shirt,Gaudi midi skirt,Crocs wedges
i never tought that my midi skirt is way too long in my feet until i really wear it .well i am short and wear a mini skirt always boost my mood but well i think enough playing in a "fine way' then i wear this midi skirt and play it with crocs wedges and match them with white t-shirt . Spot some new trend ! x)

eid mubarak !

Hello blogger ! long time no see ,huh ? First of all Happy eid mubarak people ! Alhamdulillah we have passed a month of fasting and have a day of winning that !! Umm well in my country (indonesia) we have a different day on celebrate it . i took the tuesday one , which is different with government .
Well we celebrated it in my new home ..its so exciting . There are so many food that maybe i havent eat for a year , since im in my diet program.Here are some photos that i took =))