Hey Hello Mickey

Oh Halloo everyoneeee ! Its been a few weeks i havent post anything at all here . Well  i dont have time to take any photos or post anything here because my schedule is busy again since my school has started since 3 weeks ago . But tomorrow i have my day off so i have time to post this . Well these photos were taken while i had my holiday about a month ago .
Well actually ive been inspired by Girls Generation I Got A Boy music video ........ despite their pretty faces but actually their clothes are jusst amazing and really cuteee >_< I imitate their style , and put my mickey printed stocking <3 nbsp="" p="">Hehehe thats all from meeh everyone , have a nice day :-D

Ice cream

Unbranded ribbon hariband // ice cream cropped sweater // cotton ink short // thrift shoes.
First day of the year everyone !!!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! 
can you believe that its 2013 already ? I will be 18 this year .... time flies so fast ...
How about your new year eve's everyone ? mine . i had dinner with mom and dad , went back before 12 , and then i watched some kshows /shame/ . But , i am forever glad everythings which happen at 2012 . They taught me lessons , they tmade me like this , made me more mature and see everything from a good perspective .hehehe
By the waay , its a little bit cold outside and i decide to take some photos outside , well i am bored with my background photos /sigh/ . remember , i say something different ....... could you recognize it ? YES HAIR ! Actually i ndidnt cut my hair , its just my hair is getting weird and i make it *looklike* short .... I am sorry for this ! i didnt mean to make a lie .;-(
Yeah yeah yeah , thats all from me . Everyone get a blessfull year <3 span="span">