playing around carousel

las time i went to makassar with my family and stopped at trans studio to know how good they are . Yeah , i think that trans studio is almost like movie world in Australia .. but well i think they are good because they are indoor .So there some photos with carousel.

trying to be pretty

in my lazy week

i dont know what to do ..but in my second semester it look like that i am so lazy to open the book and seriously studying . yea i think it because,... my friends were really amazing , boys were really attracting and fashion were really surprising . and ..... all my test are $%&^% failed .

so , i figured it why and recombined all my daily activity ,and yeah on sunday finally i have a short holiday to Makassar.yeah , i hope it boost my mood and clear my mind from the guilty pleasure things.-_-

hmmm , well .. since i have been so lazy so i swear to god to do things that yeaa have a function for people so i want to write about my daily inspiration .yeap and mention why i like them .

currently i have inspiration with :

  • a girl that play in personal taste . well i love her messy medium straight , its hard to make i know it . but , i have tried it and a little bit copying.

  • mom ! mom is all my inspiration .

  • crush , haha all my boys(read:crush) are my insipiration .they are all amazing thats why
  • i like them .

well , i think its all my inspiration . catch up later . BYE !