I want this giveaway !!!!!!

Pleaseplease give me this give away please !!!
its a bracelet that made from www.lublubbyls.com . !!!

Denim and pink floral

What i wear:
Mom's : long denim jacket
Unbranded floral dress
Reef sneakers

I dont when did i start to try mix and match clothes , cause firstly i didnt like to mix and match . :/ it began when i have my money crisis .... okay ., FYI , maybe i rarely post a picture since now . Cause i want focusing on my study . Extremely in science and math .

Lets get denim with hello kitty !

hello , its my hello kitty time !
So i never got holiday after this long holiday -_______- in facts , its like hell if i am not get my holiday again cause you know i wont be able to write this fashion blogs again :'(. so i have to take photos as many as i can . <3

bLAM ! its hello kitty time !

I wear:
Mom's old denim jacket
Nyla dark blue denim skirt
sox gallerie socks
Hello kitty lunch box

One of my hello kitty favourite collection

Actually im not wear it for lunch box .-_- i wear it for my ribbon accesories ._.v

Some garage sale !

Grey blue medium dress
IDR Rp.45.000(blum trmasuk ongkir)

red mini pattern skirt
(Rp45.000) free necklace !!(not include with ongkir)
Soft pink top
IDR Rp.50.000 (not include with ongkir)

Zebra dress !
IDR Rp.55.000 (not include with ongkir)
Floral dress
IDR 45.000 (not include with ongkir)
yes , i have my own garage sell . it means i sell some secondhandshop that i can guarantee cheap and in extremely good condition.Here is some photos of them , if you are interested you can comment on this post

For more details you can ask me in this blog post comment

Hello april

hey its april beybeeeeh . and its almost may ( my birthday ) ! i have so many thing that i put in my wish list .But i dont mention it here , its my privacy .

Enough talking , ehm well actually im not in my mood to talk so i just put my photos