Hugging little sister 
 Maybe one day i will fly with you
 si me amas serva me if you do love me save me.
 "am going to attack my big sis"
"sissy what are you doing"
"my muse.my vousmevoyez"

Suaviter in modo fortiter in re

"suaviter in modo fortiter in re"

"strong in deed , gentle in manner "

For me thats the word i want to hear when people describes me, i want to reach my goals without hurting anyone .Talking about reaching goals, these days i feel like my goals become blurry , "do i really want this ?" or "will i stay ?" all this words are popping in my mind .

Ok !! talking about outfits !! Dont you think that leather jackets are trending again ??????? Yes they are , in this photo i wear my junior high school jacket which i thrifted back then in gold coast for 20$ lols.But you guys my lovely reader , dont be affraid !! You now can shop to our favorite online store

They have various leather jacket ! And this one is my fav

SO what are you waiting for guys ? click the link and buy them >.<

Bali part two

 Tops from cotton on /skirt zara / thrifted shoes and hat

Day two is more amazing , i went to pirates bay , place is not bad its good !Also i went to rock bar resto ,yeah i admit that its too crowded i cant even go to the rock bar i only went to ayana .

BUT YOU GUYS SHOULD GO because its amazing.

Bali vacation

Mango dress-KAte spade bag-Thrifted bag and shoes

Bali has been amazing for me .The weather is so nice when i went there , altough its a little bit sunny there but you know at least i got some amazing photos to post here . You know i am really sorry for some eye-itching photos ( SO RAW , its unedited ) but i hope you guys understand because busy life makes me lazy to edit them -__-.

Phone Photo

Guys hello ! seems like few people are asking me to compile my ootd on my phone to this blog.
Well actually i have a lot
im not kidding .
but since it is for you i will compile ! :)

You basicly can see right how much i love casual looks ? lol.
Anyway glad to comeback ! :D

Someone is back !!!

 zara whiteshirt-zara tutu midi skirt -kate spade black bag-stradivarius pointed heels-marc by marc jacobs wristwatch

Hello everyone , really dont know what to say. it has been a long time right ? like really a long long long time .So the reason why i havent post anything almost a year ? is because i am too busy and lazy (yes i am.lol) to post .but , yeay now im back !!!! ;; not gonna say that i will post frequently but i try my best to post .*fingercrossed*