oh dear please

this one isnt about my outfit . this is about life , hmm actually mine . i regret what i did tonight . An anger changes everything . i was changing into another person . A mean person.  "I hate you , i hate you too , im not talking to you , You are my enemy " That was me . 4 hour ago . My anger deep inside my heart ruined my brain and my words .
Its because i couldnt hide it anymore.
I found that , i cant be me when im in my angry mood . yeah i regret , what i did . Oh dear please , everyone could make a mistake right ? And Blame me . because i cant control my mood .But , thats life . its about learning and accepting . Im not trying to teach you or make you accept what i did tonight , but life isnt about blaming each other anymore,okay ? . Its about learning to fix all of them , repair that , together .i admit that , I wasnt that good at forgive people . im not that easy , forget and forgive something .and of course forget all the tragedy happened to me recently . 
 im trying , and changing . 
im learning , and accepting.
im controlling and smiling .
So , live your life . dont think im going to mad of everything youve done or you will do .
its your life , you live once , live it well , live it to the fullest .

Human ,Life will be pretty cooler if we stop hating each other . right ?;)

stop in Hongkong

Hi readers , 
back again in my vacation posts 
From shenzen i went to Hongkong .

First , me and my family stop at avenue star .which is cool , fill by the hand stamps of Hongkong actor/actrees .

With the most famous cartoon character in Hongkong ! :D

Then , we went to voctoria peak , Madame thussaud located there too .
Yeah , i got sick when i went there so ,look at my face . a little bit pale right ?

Hello , and the second day ,. we went to Hongkong Disney Land.
i start my journey .

why he's here ? okay why ? cause he's cute :>

Trip to shenzen

Hi readers , i had a small trip to Shenzen and Hongkong recently . I went there with my family at friday the 13th . Yeah actually at Thursday i had a little accident  so i wasnt in a good condition .
First day i went to Shenzen , actually i went to Hongkong first then took a ferry to go to Shenzen .Shenzen is good , and the town not that crowded like Hongkong but still crowded for me .And they have a good fruit for your info.
First day i didnt go anywere , i stay in Hotel until the next day . Next day i went to window of the world ,and traditional village of china.Window of the world basicly is a miniature of popular places around the world . And they do have the miniature of Eiffel !!!!!
At traditional village of china we saw traditional show of China .Which China has so many culture .Its good !!

Kids choice awards 2012

they grow up , and now they are more cool than ever

say hi to hunger games casts !

Week end .

Have a starbucks time , with dad . Mine , grean tea blended <3

Fish and chips by fish & co . Delicious !!!!!!

Recently , in my home screen .

pink , pink , pastel . Wishlist

Week end . March end .
Im happy to see April.
its because the stars who went away .
April , a surprise will pop up soon ,.
So are you pretty excited for April ?Like me ?