oh dear please

this one isnt about my outfit . this is about life , hmm actually mine . i regret what i did tonight . An anger changes everything . i was changing into another person . A mean person.  "I hate you , i hate you too , im not talking to you , You are my enemy " That was me . 4 hour ago . My anger deep inside my heart ruined my brain and my words .
Its because i couldnt hide it anymore.
I found that , i cant be me when im in my angry mood . yeah i regret , what i did . Oh dear please , everyone could make a mistake right ? And Blame me . because i cant control my mood .But , thats life . its about learning and accepting . Im not trying to teach you or make you accept what i did tonight , but life isnt about blaming each other anymore,okay ? . Its about learning to fix all of them , repair that , together .i admit that , I wasnt that good at forgive people . im not that easy , forget and forgive something .and of course forget all the tragedy happened to me recently . 
 im trying , and changing . 
im learning , and accepting.
im controlling and smiling .
So , live your life . dont think im going to mad of everything youve done or you will do .
its your life , you live once , live it well , live it to the fullest .

Human ,Life will be pretty cooler if we stop hating each other . right ?;)