Trip to shenzen

Hi readers , i had a small trip to Shenzen and Hongkong recently . I went there with my family at friday the 13th . Yeah actually at Thursday i had a little accident  so i wasnt in a good condition .
First day i went to Shenzen , actually i went to Hongkong first then took a ferry to go to Shenzen .Shenzen is good , and the town not that crowded like Hongkong but still crowded for me .And they have a good fruit for your info.
First day i didnt go anywere , i stay in Hotel until the next day . Next day i went to window of the world ,and traditional village of china.Window of the world basicly is a miniature of popular places around the world . And they do have the miniature of Eiffel !!!!!
At traditional village of china we saw traditional show of China .Which China has so many culture .Its good !!