Happy lunar new year everyone !!

For the rain that happen tonight ,
lets begin the water dragon year .
with smile and also a good noodle with your family .

Gong xi fat chai.

unbranded cheongsham - LM asymetrical skirt - minimal sling wedges

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better live in my dream m

Have you ever trying to figure whats your dream?
Me , thousand times.
Then I found one ..

Hey pals ! As i have told you . im so busy with my school and some activities . i didn't have time to post a blog .I have so many things inside my mind and so many photos that i haven't posted yet .
So here its my shortie post about my recently outfit and my favorites .

Thrifted top - Zara TRF tutu skirt-Next pump shoes
Thrifted polkadot mini dress-unbranded bag-unbranded stocking

these photos are from tumblr

"'Cause tonight I'm feeling like an astronautSending SOS from this tiny boxAnd I lost all signal when I lifted offNow I'm stuck out here and the world forgot"Simple plan -astronaut
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Love the bag .

Unbranded hat - Thrifted hippie dress - Bonia Vintage Bag-unbranded stocking-Adorable projects suede shoes
so , the bag is from my grandma . thanks for the bag grandmaaa !!! :)And by the way , this bag is bought by my grandpa So thanks to grandpa too :* kiss and hug from your grand daughter ;)

Have you heard the latest song of taylor swift ?
It called ours . really good to hear by the way .
this is the small part of the lyrics

So don't you worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine
And life makes love look hard
The stakes are high, the water's rough, but this love is ours

By the way that lyrics is for my boyfriend :)

Btw , this is the real end of my holiday .
And ill be like disappear about a week , two weeks , or three .
no one knows ;)

contact me @firameidi for everything :)

thanks for panda eyes , holiday !

trifted cape-thailand thrifted floral dress-mango bag-zara shoes

Hello friends !
so , its already the end of my holiday .
i already miss my boyfriend , friends , the atmosphere of my school , and teachers .:*
i cant wait for school , and cant wait to stop being an internet freak like me during a holiday .
By the way , is it almost spring in your country friends ? cause mine , im not having that season. mine is tropical .;)
And , that photo is a spring outfit too , i think :/ remembering that spring is still a little bit cold so i wear my cap .
hehehehehe .
thats all from me , see you in next post pals .

vel-vet .

white t-shirt from thrift store , and shorts from thrift store too and shoe from adorableprojects

i have so much too say for this year plans . but i have one wish for this year .
everything better than the past .
sometimes, its a little bit cheesy to hear this sentence .
but ..
thats all i wanna wish year by year is just that .

What i love from the end of december

got feature on teenvogue.com =))
thank you so much teen vogue , its my first and i hope someday you feature me again !
my crush since i was on elementary was replying my mention !!
Don't be jealous boyfriend , but this one is so precious , more precious than your hug . oops :>
yes you , you and always be you the man who hold my hand .