I cant get better , i miss you so much

wind blows , whisper i love you .....

unbranded denim jeans -unbranded thailand traditional tanktop-zara denim skirt

There are horse in my dress

zara accesories-on the rocks dress-zara shoes-bonia sling bag

there are a lot of horses in my dress !yippie !


i don't like justin bier , and im not a belieber . but i like this song . its a easy listening song which is my favorite genre.
And the lyrics are so romantic , wish my boyfriend sing this . even im not celebrating christmas but yeah , once again .i love this song :)
Kiss me underneathe the mistletoe

In the end of october

Bonjour people ! Okay , i know ..its a little bit too late for posting since i have so much to do and didn't have any time to post s.But now , in the end of october i will post my recent photos .
last week i went to the event which is held by senior high school two in surabaya which is cool ! its like the event that invited many street styler ! uber cool . thumbs up! And also there are some guests star like abdul and the coffee theory and and andra and the backbone .So sad for me didn't take any photos of them :(
Oh , here is my photos with my girls at DAF !

By the way , im in the end of my mid semester week . wish me aluck and a good scores .guys ! XD