goodbye 2011 !

geez , 2011 is almost over . and resume for 2011 is full of Drama ! from fallen in love into hating each other from a joke into a falling in love . But 2011 is great by the way , all people learn and so do i . By the way Merry christmas !! all i want for christmas is a polaroid . but i didn't get it so ...........
This is my last post in 2011 and its ...................just making me sad .
cause 2011 is a good year for me =) hope 2012 will do the same .

motto ?
New year , New wish , New Me , Same Dream . <3

Its ethnic or something ?

hi pals , okay test is over . remidial week is passed . and right now i just pray to god , everything will finished prefect ! =) yes . i miss you my blog , recently i don't write too much words and just post some photos of me . yeah , its because im busy with my school , and that "busy" made me lazy to write .
So the news is , i was sick when i had an exam last week . yes , completely sick ! me , like wasn't even can read the book ! it was terrible , even i had study for the exam but sick when you was on exam is just a disaster .But , alhamdulillah ... i could pass it . thank you for everyone that cheer me up .for me , its a gift from god .

By the way , i took some shots with my new ethnic dress which i bought it few months ago from surabaya indie clothing . it was good and cheap i think . i paired up with my black which i bought it when i had a vacation few months ago then with my new wedges from minimal . enjoy.!

Pink pink pink

Do you remember , katy perry's video 'last Friday night " ? well i guess if you like Katy perry you will remember what Katy Perry wear ! A Light Color for her outfit ? I do ,upload some photos of me with a light color.Just Add a pink light tt-shirt from zara , then mix it with double colored skirt from zara too and fortunately i recently found a shoes that perfectly match with my outfit.