DIY-flower crown  , Unbranded cardigan , unbranded top , forever 21 neckale ,forever 21 skirt , next pump shoes.

"If i could become the person who can wipe your tears on a tiring day , it will be a paradise."angel-exo.
Long time no see everyone , ah i am so sorry for the late update . lately i have been so busy and also lazy ....... not because blogging isnt interisting anymore but now i am a huge fan of exo ( boyband from southkorea ) and at weekend i always spend my time for browsing info about them .well it is because exo is not an ordinary boyband , they are concepted ,young and all good looking . For all of you who havent know about that , try searching on youtube and watch their videos . Ah , also next week i will have lot of exams , wish me luck everyone !Happy weekend guys , have a nice day !

Guess ?

*This is so embrassing i didnt wear my socks here but i upload it anyway because i think its a good shot*

This afternoon i took a short photoshoot by myself *as always* because i miss blogging too much , it is so bad i cant post once a week like i promised you :-( .I  have a busy week everyweek like i always tell you , but fortunately i get used to it now.
By the way my outfit in this post is a bit different with my recent posts , In this post i took the basic colors like black and white not like my recent outfits (pastel).I put my aunt's vintage jacket mix with my new baby ,my black satchel black.
Ah and of course you know what makes it so difference than my last posts . Hahaha , anyone can guess ... is it real or not ?:-)