DIY-flower crown  , Unbranded cardigan , unbranded top , forever 21 neckale ,forever 21 skirt , next pump shoes.

"If i could become the person who can wipe your tears on a tiring day , it will be a paradise."angel-exo.
Long time no see everyone , ah i am so sorry for the late update . lately i have been so busy and also lazy ....... not because blogging isnt interisting anymore but now i am a huge fan of exo ( boyband from southkorea ) and at weekend i always spend my time for browsing info about them .well it is because exo is not an ordinary boyband , they are concepted ,young and all good looking . For all of you who havent know about that , try searching on youtube and watch their videos . Ah , also next week i will have lot of exams , wish me luck everyone !Happy weekend guys , have a nice day !