lovely days

Hat // thrift , leather jacket // australia flea market // dress minimal //  leather bag dorothy perkins // platform little things she needs .

Hi friends , how are you ? i hope you feel lovely , like me .
Its good to have a lovely days .When maybe , lovely day only appear once in a week ,  once in a month or even once in a year .I realise that lovely day(s) is hard to get because of my daily routines that extremely busy and make me tired . But maybe , not because the lovely things that made your lovely days ., actually you made it by yourself by enjoy all the things that you do , give a smile everyday , and start feeling thankful to god because you could wake up this morning .Just because , all your activities are hard to do ,it doesnt mean you should  give up and make it worst by feeling guilty all the time .
Everyone could make a mistake , and by a mistake we could learn something .Something that you cant learn if you didnt make a mistake .  Grow up ! everyone make a mistake ,the different is there will be a person who give up and there will be a person who wake up and learn from the mistake .
So be grateful , be lovely , be happy .......... you know you only live once right ? ;)

Okay then back to my outfit . So, i have watch The dark Knight Rises . its EPIC ! fuh im totally speechless for this movie .i cant wait for the robin time ;;) so my outfit influenced from batman i put my old leather jacket which i bought from australian fleamarket in gold coast few years ago match with mom's pink dress and my new black platform. Its good to be a cute batgirl :'D

i am pink

Just really... a quick post today . about three days being a 3rd grade student .....i have felt a tiring days .
okay the back to book , enjoy your school everyone ! 

Outer: Nyla
T-shirt dress : white chocoolate

bye summer ! :(((

so this is just a quick post in the end of my holiday , so im getting busier tomorrow . Because im on the 3rd grade of senior high school ................... i hate to tell you that i wont have so much time for this stuffs *sigh*.Okay today's outfit still for my summer holiday since this is the last day of my summer vacation :-( so sad , huh ? I bought the dress from the traditional market in Bali ,from the first moment i saw this , i already fall in love for this xxxxxxxx .(Its like falling in love from the first sight ryt ?)

okay , see you next time .  bye :-P

hello july

i never know how we will be in the future , and i bet you too . so lets just enjoy everything now and forget the past .

and by the way , hello July hello followers .i will post my outfit in the weekend which is the end of my summer holiday .

greetings from Bali :-P