Yea , im havin a crush .but noth with a boy . im havin my crush with my new denim shirt ! it has white and gold pearl on it . Oh , and i wear my turban tht i made from myself . Inspired by 70's rock and roll video's and mix it with girly stuff.

Oh , and i made the colored one for this

Im still on it !

Yeah im still love this shoes, clothes, and accesorize . Tell me that's expired but fashion dont have expired date , so im still like floral patterns , that pink pumps , big ribbon in my head and everything about cute and pink .
Yeah from that sentence you know that im not tomboy , but girly ...but sometimes i like wear boyfriend stuff and still mix it with my pink and girly stuff .(so i'm still girly ,right?) .so if someone ask me "can you describe your fashion style?" i could answer "yeah , vintage and girly " or i can answer "depend on my mood " .I think the second option is more safe than the first option .

okay by the way , i recently like watching some blogs and watch(re:review) some celebrities on tumblr its exciting how people from around the world have their own fashion style .enough tlking , oky i post some photos with the link to their blog/or it tumblr's .


source: Tumblr (fyiheartiu.tumblr.com)



Marc by Marc jacobs fall 2011

Marc by marc jacobs fall 2011 is ready to wear ! All of them is so cool , love and hyped !Saphire got all of her passion on it !!

Another Quotes

"Make up maybe can make your face better , but only smile that make your face beautiful"-@safiraptri

Quote of the day

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"Its easy to fall in love , but its so hard to giving up in love"


Anyyeonghaseyo ^^

a weeks i havent post any important fashion post . umm , now i want to post about the last holiday . Last sunday i went to thailand with my family . yeay ! i stay there 4 days and have some experience that i want to share to all of you ^^

first day , cause its already late so i just went to central world(that in fact is so close to my hotel) in front of central world there is some small shops that sell cute and cheap stuff that trut me you cant find in Indonesia !!
What i wear:
Trf collection
Velvet skirt
Zara shoes

Then at the second day i went to some tourism places :such as zoo , orchid garden and thailand dance .It is such a good experience to see stunt people , give a milk too baby tiger , and have a photograph in a pot of orchid . really a good experience to have . xoxo

Stunt man give his head in his croc

Me , took a photo in font of some vase in orchid garden

Me took a photo in hard rock pattaya . tht totally rocks ! they have some famous singer/bands guitars!

Second day , i went to the palace of thailand and other place that i forget the name (silly me)its surprise me that the place is extremely BRILIANT ! i cant if i didnt take a great shot there . And some info's i dont really wear a choclate shirt there but the palace lend me , cause i wear tanktops .v .Hmm the second place(where the name i forget) i go there by boat and took some photos with thailand traditional costume .

My photos with family infront of some buildings in palace of thailand

Last day , its the best things . YEA i went to platinum market where i bought many great things !and went to madame tusauds(i didnt expect tht bangkok have one too) .And yeah i make the wax of my hands . so excited <3

engh , he is so tall

My favorite one <3

even the wax creature beyonce still got her sexy hips !
with the sexiest man alive !

interviewed by oprah !
this one seems like the real one , with the willow smith's father

Finally back home ,
thailand still get me into a happy mood when i see the airport . the airport sell some branded stuff that cheaper than in indonesia .i bought some make up things and look a wallet that become my wishlist <3.>

okay enough tlking .


New inspiration first part

Hola Pals !!!!! i have several new inspiration . *.* I have many different inspiration , wuwu. From top toe , i have special inspiration . And i will mix it up later...

okay from top(hair) i like ribbon <3>

then , to clothes , i have a lot of inspiration !

LOOOOL its all from TUMBLR .yeawwww i'm adictedd to tumblr <3

Then to bracelet


okay thats all from first part . byee