Batik mode:on

batik , yes i love this :)  as indonesian i proud have batik in my counties the stripes is funky . wooopieee :)mix with brown vintage bonia and black gladiator wedges  make my batik dress look glam .

this batik dress i buy at bettylashop.blogspot.com , 


floral-january :)

hello , so i think  i am feminine ryt ? wear a skirt or dress everyday .. this floral skirt i buy at online shop names laceorie shop . hmm i mix my style with a mj's black cardigan and a hat that i buy at bali the price is very cheappp (25.000) haha and almost forget i mix with my nike dunks favorite shoes ..


this the way i call colorfull

hy guys :) i never wear a colorful (pinkish) dress ryt ? bla- now i wear ! my dress , i buy at traditional shop at malang ..beatiful ryt ? woooppie and i only add a black cardigan and floral bandoo (i buy at online shop) ...Do you know what i bring in my hand ? a camera case and a biology book ..LOL

never post

yah, maybe its because this is my busy week, and you know im on grade 9 and i must study hard. And the biggest thing is because i dont have any ideas  to post . Hufffh:-

hmm, now i like to post this cute woman :


She's so beautiful ryt?Thats why i love her, and dont you know i love her style too:- fuuuuuuu**

helloo mrs.fatty

yesss! heloooo ms .fatty ! gemuk banget yah gue? tangan tuh udah kayak banggolan gajah .ini karena gue gak pernah olahraga , nyamil jalan mulu' , gimana enggak gemuk coba'? dan juga tangan gue yang item dekil belang dan gede, zz.

sometimes i love grey

i dont really like grey , cause i feel that grey makes me more black . my skin is black, hufht so sad to have it. but really! i love my body so much
what iwear


what i wear:



i love my boots

what i wear:

jacket: my aunties 

white t-shirt:chic simple

legging: zara

boots:chic sweet

location: mount cootah,brisbane,australia

red ferarry and his girlfriend

bumbubm tettt..

i wear:

  • bandoo: river island
  • tshirt:zara
  • redskirt: gaudi
  • shoes: rubi
  • LOCATION:hilton park's, singapore


just dont say i like milley with my shirt like this!

shirt: zara

legging: gaudi

bag: zara

shoes: nike

location:sentosa island.

fufu where i met that boy <3>i dont know and dont see but i feel

mulberry's time

yeay, actually i have a mulberry from my mom(lorotan) . that actually same like alexa chung's favorite bag.

shirt: forget


shoes:rubi (against)


brown cupcakes

wuu,its not a cupcakes guys... this is a photograph of me.need your kind comment plleaseee.

this is what i wear

black t shirt: zara trf

brown skirt:(i dont really remember )i buy at singapore

gold pouch: fashion 21

black shoes:rubi