Goodbye summer


"Your song on the last day of the school festival, the flickering summer sea
Our feelings that were precious because we were together
Like the deepening night sky, goodbye"

Holaaa guys ! Sigh its been so long right ? Yes i know , i know >< Ive been missing this blog so much you know , but my lazy feelings always won all the time .ke ke ke.But today , iwill post something that i already save maybe for couple weeks (i think ? i am not sure) for you <3>
Also I bring good news for all my readers here , hehehehehhee!!!!!
First i got accepted in my dream university here in town and second i will be back to my blogging routine time guys !Hooray <3>
Summer , is it summer on your country guys ?
Well in my country we dont actually feel summer , but i really feel everyday is summer on my place .(its just getting hotter everyday ,Sigh) .
So , how about listen to Goodbye Summer by F(x) and cool the heat down ,Fyi its currently my jam right now , enjoy <3>

Hot summer --------

 Top:Unbranded//Skirt:Gaudi//Wedges:crocs//bags:marc jacobs
hi guys !!!!!
I know right we havent seen each other likeee a loong looong time agoooooo.aigooo like i told you before i should prepare for my college stuffs so i wont see you that ofteen but yeah the test is already passed and i am now in a season when i am so anxious for the result . please wish me luck a lot !!!!

AAAAh -SUMMER !!!!!!!!
Lets go on a vacation . xoxo

Birthday Outfit

caps :Girls generation official merchand (tiffany)
T-shirt:unbranded kenzo printed
Shoes :Gosh wedges sneakers

Bart simpson /

Hello everyone , whats up ? Its sunday the day when you could relax ....Hehehehehe .SOOO i decide to post something here,hehehe.Actually its an old photos but back then before i did my national exam i dont have time to post all photos .But here you go myold photos featuring my curent fav sweater ! <3 br="">

comme des

Hellloooo helllooooo OMG its beeeeeen aaaa whiiiileeee righhhhhttttt ???????Yah, after having my national  final exam last week , i decide to post something.well,well since my brain is still being confused and stuck so again and again like my latest post i decide to pair muke black and white t-shirt with my favorite simple black skirt ,converse and with my new baby (mini silver sling bag ) .
about the words on my t-shirt ,well umm it sounds harsh right ?hahahahaha i am sorry for this ...
Ah alsoooo i am so sorry for being so monotone these days because my mind still like .. i dont know.. kind of ....uncreative because when i go out , what i always choose is like white t-shirt plus black skirt like this one too.This is what i create in polyvore , i am new heree ....and really got addicted
hahaha , soo bye bye everyone have a really nice daaay ^^

black and white .

Boy london t-shirt,unbranded skirt

Hi,everyone !!!! a real quick post from me !!!!!! dont forget to left a comment okay ??
ah also , wish me luck for my national final exam at april 15th !!! kamsahamnida .thankyou .xoxoxoox

SNSD i got a boy cap//H&M boys varsity jacket//LM skirt//Nike running shoes

OMG Hello guuuuuyyyyyyssss *hug all of you one by one* It has been so long right ? Like i am wondering maybe all of you starting to forget me :< .So i am busy preparing for my final national exam this April (wish me luck guys) i do not have time to blog or take any photos .But today , because school finished earlier than the other days i planned to do a blogpost ,finally ta-daaaa this is what it came up . ah actually i have been thinking to post a blogpost with this outfit but do you know how hard it is to have a time taking myself in a day time ?yeah its hard when i have school till afternoon.Hehehe,sorry for my blurry picture guys :<,its a little bit gloomy this afternoon.

Anyways happy weekend guys , see you soon.

Hey Hello Mickey

Oh Halloo everyoneeee ! Its been a few weeks i havent post anything at all here . Well  i dont have time to take any photos or post anything here because my schedule is busy again since my school has started since 3 weeks ago . But tomorrow i have my day off so i have time to post this . Well these photos were taken while i had my holiday about a month ago .
Well actually ive been inspired by Girls Generation I Got A Boy music video ........ despite their pretty faces but actually their clothes are jusst amazing and really cuteee >_< I imitate their style , and put my mickey printed stocking <3 nbsp="" p="">Hehehe thats all from meeh everyone , have a nice day :-D

Ice cream

Unbranded ribbon hariband // ice cream cropped sweater // cotton ink short // thrift shoes.
First day of the year everyone !!!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! 
can you believe that its 2013 already ? I will be 18 this year .... time flies so fast ...
How about your new year eve's everyone ? mine . i had dinner with mom and dad , went back before 12 , and then i watched some kshows /shame/ . But , i am forever glad everythings which happen at 2012 . They taught me lessons , they tmade me like this , made me more mature and see everything from a good perspective .hehehe
By the waay , its a little bit cold outside and i decide to take some photos outside , well i am bored with my background photos /sigh/ . remember , i say something different ....... could you recognize it ? YES HAIR ! Actually i ndidnt cut my hair , its just my hair is getting weird and i make it *looklike* short .... I am sorry for this ! i didnt mean to make a lie .;-(
Yeah yeah yeah , thats all from me . Everyone get a blessfull year <3 span="span">