goodbye 2011 !

geez , 2011 is almost over . and resume for 2011 is full of Drama ! from fallen in love into hating each other from a joke into a falling in love . But 2011 is great by the way , all people learn and so do i . By the way Merry christmas !! all i want for christmas is a polaroid . but i didn't get it so ...........
This is my last post in 2011 and its ...................just making me sad .
cause 2011 is a good year for me =) hope 2012 will do the same .

motto ?
New year , New wish , New Me , Same Dream . <3

Its ethnic or something ?

hi pals , okay test is over . remidial week is passed . and right now i just pray to god , everything will finished prefect ! =) yes . i miss you my blog , recently i don't write too much words and just post some photos of me . yeah , its because im busy with my school , and that "busy" made me lazy to write .
So the news is , i was sick when i had an exam last week . yes , completely sick ! me , like wasn't even can read the book ! it was terrible , even i had study for the exam but sick when you was on exam is just a disaster .But , alhamdulillah ... i could pass it . thank you for everyone that cheer me up .for me , its a gift from god .

By the way , i took some shots with my new ethnic dress which i bought it few months ago from surabaya indie clothing . it was good and cheap i think . i paired up with my black which i bought it when i had a vacation few months ago then with my new wedges from minimal . enjoy.!

Pink pink pink

Do you remember , katy perry's video 'last Friday night " ? well i guess if you like Katy perry you will remember what Katy Perry wear ! A Light Color for her outfit ? I do ,upload some photos of me with a light color.Just Add a pink light tt-shirt from zara , then mix it with double colored skirt from zara too and fortunately i recently found a shoes that perfectly match with my outfit.

Red , red , and red . i always love red!Zara

"I always be good together , baby im sorry . the trouble is i always make you mad at me .,..but baby , i cant be good if im not be with you"

Zara dress , Ice watch wrist watch , Next pump shoes

sweet november

If someone asks me what is the most special person in my world now . i would not answer and even i cant answer that .Family , friends ,and inspiration might be one of the most special person in my life .But yes , i could say that . you are one of the most special person in my life now , and i already know that fact .

as we know , in every relationship there will be a little black hole , but i also know that will lead us to the happy ending part . i know , oh yes i know it looks like because im in love then i have known all the reason i smile is you..............but everything you did to me are sweet .<3 thats why , you are the sweetest gift god has give to me.

I couldn't be perfect overtime ,and i couldn't be everything you like sometimes . then , you accept that , you accept all my weakness . enough to say , thank you dear. <333

i might be in a "drunken love" period , but trust me i love you hard and i will accept you overtime . :):):)))


white oh white

what i wear: unbrand white dress , alittle things she needs necklace

I cant get better , i miss you so much

wind blows , whisper i love you .....

unbranded denim jeans -unbranded thailand traditional tanktop-zara denim skirt

There are horse in my dress

zara accesories-on the rocks dress-zara shoes-bonia sling bag

there are a lot of horses in my dress !yippie !


i don't like justin bier , and im not a belieber . but i like this song . its a easy listening song which is my favorite genre.
And the lyrics are so romantic , wish my boyfriend sing this . even im not celebrating christmas but yeah , once again .i love this song :)
Kiss me underneathe the mistletoe

In the end of october

Bonjour people ! Okay , i know ..its a little bit too late for posting since i have so much to do and didn't have any time to post s.But now , in the end of october i will post my recent photos .
last week i went to the event which is held by senior high school two in surabaya which is cool ! its like the event that invited many street styler ! uber cool . thumbs up! And also there are some guests star like abdul and the coffee theory and and andra and the backbone .So sad for me didn't take any photos of them :(
Oh , here is my photos with my girls at DAF !

By the way , im in the end of my mid semester week . wish me aluck and a good scores .guys ! XD

Welcome september !

Luna Maya'sdress
After all these days, i decide to wear an shocking orange vintage dress that i bought in luna maya's shop .its cute right ?and girly of course . So lucky to have this dress and match with my body of course x) its 60's i think and its for September . Welcome september !

Im daddy's and mommy's little daughter

Mommy and daddy i proud to be your the only one daughter , i love them too much . And i always think that i never wanna leave them and wanna stay with them till im married but well let see how it goes ..
Mommy daddy , i never tell you how much i love you . but , trust me my love for both of you is countless .....:)
i love you mommy daddy :) i always do

My midi-midi pale skirt

unbranded t-shirt,Gaudi midi skirt,Crocs wedges
i never tought that my midi skirt is way too long in my feet until i really wear it .well i am short and wear a mini skirt always boost my mood but well i think enough playing in a "fine way' then i wear this midi skirt and play it with crocs wedges and match them with white t-shirt . Spot some new trend ! x)

eid mubarak !

Hello blogger ! long time no see ,huh ? First of all Happy eid mubarak people ! Alhamdulillah we have passed a month of fasting and have a day of winning that !! Umm well in my country (indonesia) we have a different day on celebrate it . i took the tuesday one , which is different with government .
Well we celebrated it in my new home ..its so exciting . There are so many food that maybe i havent eat for a year , since im in my diet program.Here are some photos that i took =))