sweet november

If someone asks me what is the most special person in my world now . i would not answer and even i cant answer that .Family , friends ,and inspiration might be one of the most special person in my life .But yes , i could say that . you are one of the most special person in my life now , and i already know that fact .

as we know , in every relationship there will be a little black hole , but i also know that will lead us to the happy ending part . i know , oh yes i know it looks like because im in love then i have known all the reason i smile is you..............but everything you did to me are sweet .<3 thats why , you are the sweetest gift god has give to me.

I couldn't be perfect overtime ,and i couldn't be everything you like sometimes . then , you accept that , you accept all my weakness . enough to say , thank you dear. <333

i might be in a "drunken love" period , but trust me i love you hard and i will accept you overtime . :):):)))