hurt .

Unbranded flower headband , Unbranded Pleated dress , Next pump shoes
"Because i smile every day Because i show my smiles,They think i am happy But how can i smile, how can i smile without you"
Me currentlyactivity are having some school activities and writing a short stories .Hurt ? i wont tell you why .
But , im currently listening on F. Scott Fitzgerald's Way Of Love mini album by 2 AM .<3
little bit Mellow right ;) ?But , gotta listen of them . they are good in Ballad .

hunger Games

Hunger games . Never read the book and thinking that the movie is so great .
Breathtaking !!!!!I dont know why, but comparing to harry potter and twilight . im still in love with hunger games so bad . I know , its still the first chapter , but ... i think it will be great even in the second or third .
There are many hiddden secret lies in this movie . About money , kids , and uhm a little bit political .
By the way , i saw that with mom and dad last saturday . we bought the premiere one , it costs more expensive but worth it !!! the couch there so comfortable and feels like home.
Okay , so many friends ask me , am i team peeta or team gale ? for me , gale is handsome and my type .because he is tough and strong person .physically ...
but , im team peeta . why ? Because peeta ..... he's such a heartmelts , and he's almost the same with me . he's real and not that type of person who forget so easily even the person who does is forget so easily . And then Peeta is such an underdog . and i love how underdog shock the strong people and mess the rules . yeup peeta rocks and cute !x)
Last saturday i went there with mom and dad because i sadly cancelled my plan watch hunger games with my friends because we had our own business . Then mom and dad offer me to have such a romantic dates together . <3
Yeah , we went to cinema and ate at there .

Sweet and sour fried dory fish :9

the story only i didnt know

"Stars only good when you see from far away , when you see it nearly it will look ordinary"

So it wasn’t love
It was just a moment which you spent by my side

Why you could only apologize

Now I’m vaguely beginning to understand
I must have been too excited
The very moment you left me, I was expecting you again
How foolish was I?

-The story only i didnt know IU-

Louis vuitton spring 2012

Pastel Pastel , Pastel and Lace Everywhere

If this was a movie

"I know people change , and this thing happen . But i remember how it was back then"

Well, Hello March !!! hello Readers !!!!
i know i havent post anything so long . well , busy , school stuff , bad weather , bad heart , slow internet , and bad mood are the reason why i havent post yet to this blog . Okay "If this was a movie " is a song by taylor swift *yes im swiftie :3* that kep spinning in my head recently ,and playing in my ipod . Some of youtuber covered this up , oh yes ! Maddi Jane won !Shes so good covering this . two tumbs up !!! By the way ......... March ....Nothing worse than the early March . Hard and full of heart broken .. but really i wasnt that giving up for everything . I am truly trying .But enough for broken hearted , !!! By the way im currently addicted to Dream High 2 , they showed up with a different store line ! Omo !! and of course the casts are new and fresh . JB , is one of the new cast . *crushed* *cute alert* .Hahahaha thanks to dream high they always teach me to dream and try hard for reaching my dream . *KEEP DREAMING !*

Now i post my photo wear my leopard collar dress . enjoy ;)

Say hello to my piw :*

Zara dress - Berre vintage bag -Little things she needs shoes