Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

SNSD i got a boy cap//H&M boys varsity jacket//LM skirt//Nike running shoes

OMG Hello guuuuuyyyyyyssss *hug all of you one by one* It has been so long right ? Like i am wondering maybe all of you starting to forget me :< .So i am busy preparing for my final national exam this April (wish me luck guys) i do not have time to blog or take any photos .But today , because school finished earlier than the other days i planned to do a blogpost ,finally ta-daaaa this is what it came up . ah actually i have been thinking to post a blogpost with this outfit but do you know how hard it is to have a time taking myself in a day time ?yeah its hard when i have school till afternoon.Hehehe,sorry for my blurry picture guys :<,its a little bit gloomy this afternoon.

Anyways happy weekend guys , see you soon.

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  1. love the varsity jacket much!
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  2. great outfit, dear :) good luck with you exams.
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  3. nice outfit! i love the caps!

  4. i have national exam too in april Good luck for us :D and wow love your igab cap, girl! You're kpop fans too?
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  5. nice outfit !
    love your jacket so much ! <3



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