comme des

Hellloooo helllooooo OMG its beeeeeen aaaa whiiiileeee righhhhhttttt ???????Yah, after having my national  final exam last week , i decide to post something.well,well since my brain is still being confused and stuck so again and again like my latest post i decide to pair muke black and white t-shirt with my favorite simple black skirt ,converse and with my new baby (mini silver sling bag ) .
about the words on my t-shirt ,well umm it sounds harsh right ?hahahahaha i am sorry for this ...
Ah alsoooo i am so sorry for being so monotone these days because my mind still like .. i dont know.. kind of ....uncreative because when i go out , what i always choose is like white t-shirt plus black skirt like this one too.This is what i create in polyvore , i am new heree ....and really got addicted
hahaha , soo bye bye everyone have a really nice daaay ^^