Suaviter in modo fortiter in re

"suaviter in modo fortiter in re"

"strong in deed , gentle in manner "

For me thats the word i want to hear when people describes me, i want to reach my goals without hurting anyone .Talking about reaching goals, these days i feel like my goals become blurry , "do i really want this ?" or "will i stay ?" all this words are popping in my mind .

Ok !! talking about outfits !! Dont you think that leather jackets are trending again ??????? Yes they are , in this photo i wear my junior high school jacket which i thrifted back then in gold coast for 20$ lols.But you guys my lovely reader , dont be affraid !! You now can shop to our favorite online store

They have various leather jacket ! And this one is my fav

SO what are you waiting for guys ? click the link and buy them >.<