A dream of a child

unbranded flowery hairband // thrift vintage dress // mayonette  bag // TLTSN oxford heels

Being a teenage girl sometime makes me too tired.They always say to me, to stop act like a child and then stop wearing something that woman used to wear.Free never pops in my head anymore since that time, But when i think one more time .... i have ever had a free time , no problem ..no haters ...no broken heart..... no lies ..Just me with my little teddy and mommy daddy enjoying every single daywith love and laughs .I cant handle myself anymore to not wear my little girl outfit and my teddy in this post . sometimes wearing little girl outfit succesfully bring me back into chilhood life and turn my bad day into a very very good and lovely day ....................I couldnt ask anymore to god for bringing every happiness in my childhood back to me again..................Back again when i remember what i dream of when i was a child ,i laugh .. The only thing i dream of when i was a child is having my true love someday and build me a big and beautiful castle with a beautiful garden too there .And then ...back again when i remember my teenage life that far from that ..... feeling a little bit sucked and sad .Why couldnt i make my child's dream come true , by the way ?

By the way happy independence day Indonesia , me ...... Always proud of you !