Guide me

Patter dress ZARA // knit cardigan Thrift // Sling bag Berre // Sling wedges Minimal.

Well , say Hello to August .
New month , its a good time to refresh everything and restart your life into the new beginning. I've got a lot of changing in August and i hope its a good thing for me .
So i have planned everything for my college , like where i want to study , which major i will take ,and other things that related to my future. But-yeah not everyone accept my dream , they said i am to naive and too idealistic .......(but no...not my family)....... But , oh my god why should they care what i would choose later , if they want me to be success they should realise that , if you want to be success on your work ,first you should love your work and work hard .If you torture me to be what you want to be or what you called (A successfull job) i cant promise you i would be success but if you just shut your mouth and  see me trying my best to be the best in my own choices , i promise you i will be success later 
I know you are older and you had more experiences than me but please value my plans .
You could teach me and of course Guide me . But please dont push me to be what you think that is good for me .:)