Petite cupcakes (the goods dept) dress // Next platforms // bling ear rings and necklace

Hallo everyone , how's your week ? Well it seems like i always meet all of you by my post in the end of the week . Well yeah because of my schedule , i post once a week ! :-). Anyway , have you seen my title in this post ?  Dazzling ..... Well im not that narcisst to say that im a dazzling girl , but dazzling girl is the new song of Shinee (Well ,i love shinee and extremely for Choi Minho) .The music video will come up soon and ofcourse i------ canntwait !!!!!

By the way , about my outfit... i pick my soft tone autumn dress as its going to rain here and autumn there , well i try my hard to make me look older than before at this post -___- well everyone told me to wear something more mature sometimes . So here i am :-) .So sorry for the resolution *again* and also the background *its boring i know that*.

Well, thats all from me ,have a nice day everyone !