The other side of me

LM Top // Unbranded Flower trouser // Adorable project gold shimmer wedges// Levis wrist watch

For the first of all , i truly sorry for the last update in my blog .I am not blaming my schedule because it is not because of them , it is truly me  with my laziness habit . My real life was so enjoyable and i planned to enjoy that .Recently, i always post in Sunday ...But now , why i post in wednesday ? Well, wednesday is the second lovely day after week days :-) Its the only day , when i dont have any course or schoolstuff . Yippie kayye ! 
About the outfit , i put my simply feminine touch here . Well , i always come up with skirt  or dress ..... but i do wear trouser too (well of course with the feminine touch) like in this post ! About the color , pastel is my choosen one recently and untill now i never get bored of them, well i think pastel stuffs are timeless and elegant , they show the elegancy with their soft side .Thats all from me , have a nice day everyone ! 

p.s for the lovely comment that tells me about changing the size of my photos , unfortunately because of my blog layout ..i cant make my picture bigger . but i will repair it soon ! Thank you for the comment :-)