Rain please just come faster

Zara white top // Cherrychan Dress // White lace topshop socks // Brown wedges minimal

Hi guys , how are you doing ?Me? im doing great and also tired , ive told you that im in my senior year right ?I have so many tasks,test and courses to do thats why i rarely post something here. By the way , have you feel that the weather nowadays is a little bit hot ? I dont know is it because of the global warming or it may be because its gonna be a rainy season .Yeaaaay !although when i was a little girl i hate rainy season (just because i cant swim when rain begin ) but now i am a little bit missing the smell of the rain and the feeling when im cuddling inside the blanket .Now im dressing up like its about to rain , i wear everything nice and just wait until the rain come then pouring me. *so sorry for the bad resolution photos guys*
Have a nice day everyone ! :)