Peach , you and me .

what i wear :
TOP //Thrift
Short and Long skirts //Thrift
Bag // Aigner
Shoes // Bellagio

After had an exam week last week , i feel so ...............happy ! i never tought that , life would be so happy after you had an exam .Okay , exam was tough and look at my face .....i really look so horrible ...........i have a bag under my eyes,My face look so pale and my hair ...okay dont talk about it anymore.
By the way , have i told you that the black clouds and rain have gone so far away now ? Yeah , sun shines so bright right now ! Even i still mad and cant forgive them , but someone came trough and fix everything .And i was wondering my life would without that "someone" and pastel
I always love pastel , like i always love vintage . When i feel sad , i go out and hunt some pastel stuffs . It really boost me up , Seriously !!!!!!!!So whenever you feel sad readers , just go out alone , and do something that you really like , i guarantee you wont be sad anymore .Being alone is better whenever you feel sad or down.

p.s sorry for the bad resolution in my photos . :-P

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