My purple haircrown +DIY tips !

So readers,  uff it has been 5 days since i had my school-off . And im not doing anything ,  i stay at home , watching some drama (korean drama :-P) . Oh by the way if you love korean drama you should watch rooftop prince its a great drama !;) And also , i recently influenced by Lana Del Rey for her Flower haircrown and found some shop which sell that but i found out that i should think twice for buying those thing (because its too expensive -_-) ,i decided to make it by myself ! Its so easy by the way so i share my Flower Hair Crown DIY tips !

  • Prepare the materials . You only should prepare a hairband and fake roses which has a wire tail behind them.If you cant find the fake roses without wire tail you can make it too by stick it by a strong glue and take only the flower part !

  • And circling the wire until it stand perfectly 

  • And repeat the step until 5 times ! And your haircrown is ready to wear !

Good luck ! if you have some questions , sure you can ask me by comment this post ! ;)

currently my love right now <3

I wear:
My purple crown DIY
LM hardware simple purple dress

And today , i feel so purplish ! and purple is my favourite colour right now . Not a neon one but the soft one . Im feeling so chic right now !!! LOL .