My blue summer

NO!! if you are thinking that my summer is blue (re:sad) but im feeling like BLUE is one of my summer favourite colour . Blue always known for the sadness thing but not for summer .For me blue , is ocean , where you can find a peace inside , Blue calm me down a lot when i feel extremely angry . And then for me blue is like when you see into someone else eyes and you find that vibrate in your heart :3 and peacefull in your brain . 
And , by the way its already summer . YEAAAAAAY I AM SO EXCITEEEED .  Next week i will be in Bali with my classmates for enjoying our last holiday before we have those busy classes in our 12th grade .......................... yes i am in my last year ! wish me a lot of luck for passing this bussiest grade !

 I cant stop eating cake lately , from rainbow cake , macaroons ,red velvet cake and of course Blue velvet cake .If you love cake and havent try blue velvet cake you have to try this one . The cake plus the delicious cream plus the blueberry cream is worth to ruin your diet ! :P

What i wear:
Thrift florall dress //Mayonette bag // little things she needs shoes .

How about you guys ? Have you planned your summer holiday . Hope you have !
Enjoy your holiday readers ! ;)