A touch of blue

colored my nails into velvet one ! cute x)
she's mini me , called her eliora . she's my inspiration right now

Bandana from little thing she needs - denim jacket thirsted -sling bag mango -skirt gaudy - thirsted denim flats
yes we are twins !

its sunday morning and i hope all of you are blessed and be happy of what you are wearing right now . hahahaha by the way recently i bought a cape denim jacket which i wear at this post and i colored my nails into a velvet one . (psst its the first time i colored my nail since about a year ago :p) Have you see my twins Eliora ? she's so cute right ?:D she's not just a twins ... she's my muse (extremely her ginger head !!) .
and by the way .i am so inspired by guess . they are so vintage , rocks and also so sexy .

Thats all from me . enggh , by the way my school hold a competition if you live in east java you can count yourself at smanisdacup2012.blogspot.com .please check it out ! :D

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