Hello july !

Okay , i know i know its almost the middle of july .... so i know its too late for me to say "hello july!" to all of you .Furthermore , i have been such a bad blogger since my final exams . Okay i wanna tell you about my achievement that i have accepted after i was being such a hardworker last month .yeaaaah ... yippie! now i am science student and i got good scores for every science subject . Allahuakbar , thanksgod for everything x)))))) .

I wrote this on saturday which is the last weekend on holiday .... sometimes i feel like "thanks god no more bored-day anymore" , then sometimes i feel like"i-need-more-holiday please" ........
God ,please tell me what happen to me ....if you ask me about my holiday , i'll tell you okay ..
My holiday wasnt good enough , i didnt go anywhere ... most of my time i spent at home ......Some people go to other town , or even abroad . And i was like , spent my whole holiday with eating , watching tv, tumblr-ing , dreaming etc.-.

i dont hate holiday , but i really hate mine . -______-