not so romantic

i am the type of girl that loves Fairytale and romantical things . So , here i am sitting in front of my notebook , and dreaming ...

My fairytale isnt having any castle , a dance party , any blinkies or any godmother ... My fairytale is just simple , my fairytale needs me plus one boy and some romantic things .
Im dreaming what my dream romantic dates . ehm :D

So firstly , i will wear my best dress , wearing my best flats , put my lip gloss on , and plus not eating before going out . then after that im waiting until the clock shows 7 o'clock ...... My mom should know im on my dates and letting me back home even after 10 .
There he comes , with his car and his best clothes ... knocking my door and meet my parents "Excuse me sir , im ........... i wanna take the most precious thing in your life and my life too, to somewhere that some people call restaurant .........." then my dad say "So , if youre serious about the precious word, im letting you go . But she's my cinderella , go back before midnight . or i wont make you say that silly things again"

Then , here we are going out .

and we're having our "silence condition" .i dont know where we are going to go so im asking him to start our conversation "So , where we go ?" "I dont know ... lets see..... cause youre so beautiful tonight with your dress , i can take you to the hotel ...but i dont think you like it .So , i take you somewhere" then here we go to somewhere called somewhere....

This place is really a-ma-zing .
Its not restaurant , or ... should i call this restaurant ? with just one table there , one chef there , and all the candles that lay besides the table ?Oh , there is one waitress there .
Its a big yard for two of us to eat ,
"sorry , im not ordering some musician for you ,i thought it will be great if i sing it directly to you ."
"Im not pushing you to do all this things , but thanks by the way "

"Some people say , what girls want is romantic guy . so ............ i'll be the most romantic guy just for one night and just for one girl forever"

"thankyou , my pleasure to hear that ."

And we start eating .... we're sharing our stories and telling jokes.
And in our dessert section ,.."let me sing for you"*watch his wristwatch*"Gosh , its almost 11 , and the distance are so far from here , im not letting we're in problem"
"So...... no music performance for today ?"
"Sorry , i cant break my father in law rules ,baby.."
"Engh,... sorry,,,, what ?"
"never mind :P"

Then , 11:20
we are back home , my dad have waited in front of my house .
"Hmm , sorry about the music performance , "
"its okay"
*holds my hand "let me ,"

"Hi dad ,"
"so sir , your cinderella is very pretty tonight ... and im so glad i can pick her home before midnight"
"okay , prince .. thank you so much to not breaking your promise .. you can back to your home"
"bye cindy !"

its my dream romantic date , whats yours ?