super busy day !

well , since when my new school starts , i have many many many tasks to do . well it heard so hard huh ? but believe it every subject have a tasks . and u know that is not easy tasks , like a power point and math tasks . -____- i get crazy because of it .

okay , i want share you some story about my new school :3. my school is unbeliavable (i wont tell you my school name's ) . My school has a great teacher and senior . and my school have a great extra's name GFC .. its a school choir and i compete it .last thursday me and dea(my JHS best friends ) compete the lessons for the first time . We trained about respiration and how to sing well . And we tested by our teacher ,there was many of my friends went on alto's , but me , i didnt expect that i was choosen by my teacher to be a Sopran's .

well , its just a simple story , but i would so love if you read it .